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For many years, Saint James School has participated in the South-western Pennsylvania Forensics League. Twenty-four schools in the Diocese and Northgate School participate in this program. Over the years, Saint James has been a very competitive team in the forensics tournaments.

This year, we have 21 members from grades five through eight on the Forensics team. The students will present readings from the following categories: poetry; prose; declamation; drama; and multiple reading. The students present their pieces before a judge in two rounds. Each student is judged according to particular criteria. The criteria is based on effective introduction; verbal skills; mood and voice; pause and pace; non-verbal communication skills; poise; and general effectiveness. Members of the team dedicate an afternoon a week to practice with other team members and the moderators. The tournaments are held on Saturdays. Students arrive around 8:15, and the tournaments conclude around 12:30-1:00.

The moderators for the team are Mrs. Darlene Weaver and Sister Christy. Other parents are involved as judges.

We look forward to another enjoyable year of increasing the skills of public speaking. This skill is priceless. Many Saint James graduates who participated in Forensics have shared how learning to speak publicly has enhanced their experiences in high school and college.