St. James School

St. James School

Excellent Minds. Exceptional Hearts.


Saint James School is an integral part of Saint James Parish. The school and parish collaborate in passing on the Catholic faith and proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel. Our community seeks to nurture the students’ relationship with and reverence for God. Acknowledging the intrinsic worth of each child, our community endeavors to create an environment which promotes excellent minds and exceptional hearts in our students. We also value the need for our students to become faith-filled responsible citizens who can contribute positively to the world. Students are encouraged to be of service, to recognize and respect diversity; and to grow in awareness of justice as found in the Catholic Social Teaching.


  • The school is a vital part of the parish community and shares in the ministry of the church.
  • The students will be well grounded in their Catholic faith which includes doctrine, liturgy, the sacraments, sacred scripture, and personal prayer.
  • The students will develop stewardship for the earth and its resources.
  • The school will provide opportunities for service to others so that the students can incorporate and integrate the gospel value of serving others.
  • The students will develop behavior that demonstrates respect for others and recognizes the diversity which exists among people.
  • The school will engage the whole child, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually.
  • The faculty and staff will provide a safe and nurturing environment which enables the students to reach their potential and acknowledge their intrinsic worth.
  • The faculty and staff will integrate technology into the curriculum to enhance the curriculum and prepare the students for their futures.


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