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The SJS Well Wishers Committee:
If you have some news to share with the SJS community. We are family & will be there, for you, to celebrate your good news and to pray with you when times are tough. The Well Wishers committee can help to spread the news! Contact Amy Minnock, President of HSA, if you have some great family news to share or need assistance and prayers.

Closings and Delays:
For closings or delays, St. James uses the Parent Alert phone messaging system. You will receive a recorded phone call and email from the school's office if there is a closing or delay. You can also click on one of the local news' web sites below. St. James follows the Quaker Valley School system


Many of you have likely seen the article that was in the Post-Gazette on Nov 1st (link below). There have been questions and concerns from the St. James School community. We wanted to take this opportunity to distribute some information on this matter. Fr. Tom and Sr. Christy provided the following information.

While St. James and Christ the Divine Teacher in Aspinwall will be a part of the North Hills Catholic Schools regionalization, they will not be a part of combining with any other school. The geographic location of Saint James and the size of the school building do not lend itself to expansion with other schools. Because we will not be combining with another school, there is no need to form a task force for Saint James or Christ the Divine Teacher. The task forces that are being assembled are for the purpose of discussing the best location to combine the schools, which are located close to each other and can accommodate a larger school population.

The benefits offered to St. James in the regionalization are increased buying power for up-dating text, sharing special teachers for the purpose of making them full-time, which will aid in the retention of the special teacher. The financial support from more parishes in the region could also have a positive impact on the school’s finances. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Fr. Tom and Sr. Christy will keep you informed as new information is released from the Diocese. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the or contact Sr. Christy.

Click here for the Diocese Catholic Elementary School Regionalization Plan for the North Hills…/Catholic…/stories/201611010036